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Packages that use SQLTemplate
org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc Contains classes that handle JDBC interactions. 
org.apache.cayenne.dba Contains database adapter API (DbAdapter) and its default implementation. 
org.apache.cayenne.query Defines standard queries supported by Cayenne and extension mechanism to create custom queries. 
org.apache.cayenne.wocompat Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects

Uses of SQLTemplate in org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc declared as SQLTemplate
protected  SQLTemplate SQLTemplateAction.query

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc that return SQLTemplate
 SQLTemplate SQLTemplateAction.getQuery()
          Returns a SQLTemplate for this action.

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc with parameters of type SQLTemplate
SQLTemplateAction(SQLTemplate query, DbAdapter adapter)
          Deprecated. since 3.0 use a SQLTemplateAction.SQLTemplateAction(SQLTemplate, DbAdapter, EntityResolver) constructor.
SQLTemplateAction(SQLTemplate query, DbAdapter adapter, EntityResolver entityResolver)

Uses of SQLTemplate in org.apache.cayenne.dba

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.dba with parameters of type SQLTemplate
 SQLAction JdbcActionBuilder.sqlAction(SQLTemplate query)

Uses of SQLTemplate in org.apache.cayenne.project.validator

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.project.validator with parameters of type SQLTemplate
protected  void SQLTemplateValidator.validateDefaultSQL(SQLTemplate query, ProjectPath path, Validator validator)
protected  void SQLTemplateValidator.validateRoot(SQLTemplate query, ProjectPath path, Validator validator)

Uses of SQLTemplate in org.apache.cayenne.query

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.query that return SQLTemplate
 SQLTemplate SQLTemplate.queryWithParameters(Map<String,?>... parameters)
          Returns a new query built using this query as a prototype and a new set of parameters.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.query with parameters of type SQLTemplate
 SQLAction SQLActionVisitor.sqlAction(SQLTemplate query)
          Creates an action to execute a SQLTemplate.

Uses of SQLTemplate in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat

Subclasses of SQLTemplate in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat
 class EOSQLQuery
          A descriptor of SQLTemplate loaded from EOModel.

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