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Packages that use ParameterizedQuery
org.apache.cayenne.query Defines standard queries supported by Cayenne and extension mechanism to create custom queries. 
org.apache.cayenne.wocompat Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects

Uses of ParameterizedQuery in org.apache.cayenne.query

Classes in org.apache.cayenne.query that implement ParameterizedQuery
 class PrefetchSelectQuery
          A SelectQuery to perform a prefetch based on another query.
 class ProcedureQuery
          A query based on Procedure.
 class SelectQuery
          A query that selects persistent objects of a certain type or "raw data" (aka DataRows).
 class SQLTemplate
          A query that executes unchanged (except for template preprocessing) "raw" SQL specified by the user.

Uses of ParameterizedQuery in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat

Classes in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat that implement ParameterizedQuery
 class EOQuery
          A descriptor of SelectQuery loaded from EOModel.
 class EOSQLQuery
          A descriptor of SQLTemplate loaded from EOModel.

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