Class DataMapValidator

  extended by org.apache.cayenne.project.validator.TreeNodeValidator
      extended by org.apache.cayenne.project.validator.DataMapValidator

public class DataMapValidator
extends TreeNodeValidator

Validator for DataMaps.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.cayenne.project.validator.TreeNodeValidator
dbAttrValidator, dbEntityValidator, dbRelValidator, domainValidator, ejbqlQueryValidator, embeddableAttributeValidator, embeddableValidator, mapValidator, nodeValidator, objAttrValidator, objEntityValidator, objRelValidator, procedureParameterValidator, procedureQueryValidator, procedureValidator, selectQueryValidator, sqlTemplateValidator
Constructor Summary
          Constructor for DataMapValidator.
Method Summary
protected  void validateName(DataMap map, ProjectPath path, Validator validator)
protected  void validateNodeLinks(DataMap map, ProjectPath path, Validator validator)
 void validateObject(ProjectPath path, Validator validator)
          Validates an object, appending any warnings or errors to the validator.
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Constructor Detail


public DataMapValidator()
Constructor for DataMapValidator.

Method Detail


public void validateObject(ProjectPath path,
                           Validator validator)
Description copied from class: TreeNodeValidator
Validates an object, appending any warnings or errors to the validator. Object to be validated is the last object in a treeNodePath array argument. Concrete implementations would expect an object of a specific type. Otherwise, ClassCastException will be thrown.

Specified by:
validateObject in class TreeNodeValidator


protected void validateNodeLinks(DataMap map,
                                 ProjectPath path,
                                 Validator validator)


protected void validateName(DataMap map,
                            ProjectPath path,
                            Validator validator)

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