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Packages that use Relationship Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes.   
org.apache.cayenne.project Contains model classes used by CayenneModeler or any other MVC type of application to work with Cayenne project files. 

Uses of Relationship in

Classes in with type parameters of type Relationship
 interface PathComponent<T extends Attribute,U extends Relationship>
          A component in a path chain.

Subclasses of Relationship in
 class DbRelationship
          A DbRelationship is a descriptor of a database inter-table relationship based on one or more primary key/foreign key pairs.
 class DbRelationshipDetected
          A subclass of DbRelationship to hold some extra runtime information.
 class ObjRelationship
          Describes an association between two Java classes mapped as source and target ObjEntity.

Fields in with type parameters of type Relationship
protected  SortedMap<String,Relationship> Entity.relationships

Methods in with type parameters of type Relationship
<T extends Attribute,U extends Relationship>
Entity.lastPathComponent(Expression path, Map aliasMap)
          Convenience method returning the last component in the path iterator.
<T extends Attribute,U extends Relationship>
Entity.resolvePath(Expression pathExp, Map aliasMap)
          Returns an Iterable over the path components with elements represented as PathComponent instances, encapsulating a relationship, an attribute or a subpath alias.

Methods in that return Relationship
 Relationship Entity.getAnyRelationship(Entity targetEntity)
          Returns a relationship that has a specified entity as a target.
 Relationship Entity.getRelationship(String relName)
          Returns relationship with name relName.
 Relationship ObjEntity.getRelationship(String name)
          Returns a named Relationship that either belongs to this ObjEntity or is inherited.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Relationship
 SortedMap<String,? extends Relationship> Entity.getRelationshipMap()
          Returns an unmodifiable map of relationships sorted by name.
 Collection<? extends Relationship> Entity.getRelationships()
          Returns an unmodifiable collection of Relationships that exist in this entity.

Methods in with parameters of type Relationship
 void Entity.addRelationship(Relationship relationship)
          Adds new relationship to the entity.

Uses of Relationship in

Fields in declared as Relationship
protected  Relationship RelationshipEvent.relationship

Methods in that return Relationship
 Relationship RelationshipEvent.getRelationship()
          Returns relationship associated with this event.

Methods in with parameters of type Relationship
 void RelationshipEvent.setRelationship(Relationship relationship)
          Sets relationship associated with this event.

Constructors in with parameters of type Relationship
RelationshipEvent(Object src, Relationship rel, Entity entity)
          Creates a Relationship change event.
RelationshipEvent(Object src, Relationship rel, Entity entity, int id)
          Creates a Relationship event of a specified type.
RelationshipEvent(Object src, Relationship rel, Entity entity, String oldName)
          Creates a Relationship name change event.

Uses of Relationship in org.apache.cayenne.project

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.project that return Relationship
static Relationship NamedObjectFactory.createRelationship(Entity srcEnt, Entity targetEnt, boolean toMany)
          Creates a relationship using an appropriate factory class.

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