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Packages that use ObjEntity
org.apache.cayenne Contains persistence APIs directly accessible by users. 
org.apache.cayenne.access Contains classes that make up Cayenne ORM stack. 
org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc Contains classes that handle JDBC interactions. 
org.apache.cayenne.access.trans Provides translators for Cayenne queries. 
org.apache.cayenne.enhancer Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes. 
org.apache.cayenne.query Defines standard queries supported by Cayenne and extension mechanism to create custom queries. 
org.apache.cayenne.util General utility classes. 
org.apache.cayenne.wocompat Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne

Methods in org.apache.cayenne that return ObjEntity
 ObjEntity PersistentObject.getObjEntity()
          Returns mapped ObjEntity for this object.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne with parameters of type ObjEntity
 ObjectId DataRow.createObjectId(ObjEntity entity)
          Deprecated. since 3.0 - unused

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.access

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.access declared as ObjEntity
protected  ObjEntity IncrementalFaultList.rootEntity

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.access that return ObjEntity
 ObjEntity QueryTranslator.getRootEntity()

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.access with parameters of type ObjEntity
 List DataContext.objectsFromDataRows(ObjEntity entity, List dataRows, boolean refresh, boolean resolveInheritanceHierarchy)
          Deprecated. since 3.0 as refreshing and resolvingInheritanceHierarchy flags are deprecated. Use DataContext.objectsFromDataRows(ClassDescriptor, List) instead.
 void DbLoaderDelegate.objEntityAdded(ObjEntity ent)
 void DbLoaderDelegate.objEntityRemoved(ObjEntity ent)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.access.jdbc declared as ObjEntity
protected  ObjEntity EJBQLPathTranslator.currentEntity

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.access.trans

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.access.trans that return ObjEntity
 ObjEntity QueryAssemblerHelper.getObjEntity()
 ObjEntity QueryAssembler.getRootEntity()

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.enhancer

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.enhancer with type parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  Map<String,ObjEntity> CayenneEnhancerVisitorFactory.entitiesByClass

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.enhancer with parameters of type ObjEntity
PersistentAccessorVisitor(ClassVisitor visitor, ObjEntity entity)

Uses of ObjEntity in

Fields in declared as ObjEntity
protected  ObjEntity EntityInheritanceTree.entity

Fields in with type parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  Map<String,ObjEntity> EntityResolver.objEntityCache

Methods in that return ObjEntity
protected  ObjEntity EntityResolver._lookupObjEntity(String key)
          Internal usage only - provides the type-unsafe implementation which services the three typesafe public lookupObjEntity methods Looks in the DataMap's that this object was created with for the ObjEntity that maps to the specified object.
 ObjEntity EntityInheritanceTree.entityMatchingRow(DataRow row)
          Returns the deepest possible entity in the inheritance hierarchy that can be used to create objects from a given DataRow.
 ObjEntity ObjEntity.getClientEntity()
          Returns an ObjEntity stripped of any server-side information, such as DbEntity mapping.
 ObjEntity EntityInheritanceTree.getEntity()
 ObjEntity DataMap.getObjEntity(String objEntityName)
          Returns an ObjEntity for a given name.
 ObjEntity EntityResolver.getObjEntity(String name)
 ObjEntity MappingNamespace.getObjEntity(String name)
          Returns ObjEntity for a given name, or null if no such ObjEntity is found in the MappingNamespace.
 ObjEntity DataMap.getObjEntityForJavaClass(String javaClassName)
          Returns an ObjEntity for a DataObject class name.
 ObjEntity ObjEntity.getSuperEntity()
          Returns a "super" entity in the entity inheritance hierarchy.
 ObjEntity EntityResolver.lookupObjEntity(Class<?> aClass)
          Looks in the DataMap's that this object was created with for the ObjEntity that maps to the services the specified class
 ObjEntity EntityResolver.lookupObjEntity(Object object)
          Looks in the DataMap's that this object was created with for the ObjEntity that services the specified data Object
 ObjEntity EntityResolver.lookupObjEntity(String entityName)
          Deprecated. since 3.0 - use getObjEntity() instead.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type ObjEntity
 Collection<ObjEntity> EntityInheritanceTree.allSubEntities()
 Collection<ObjEntity> DataMap.getMappedEntities(DbEntity dbEntity)
          Returns all ObjEntities mapped to the given DbEntity.
 Collection<ObjEntity> DataMap.getObjEntities()
          Returns an unmodifiable collection of ObjEntities stored in this DataMap.
 Collection<ObjEntity> EntityResolver.getObjEntities()
 Collection<ObjEntity> MappingNamespace.getObjEntities()
          Returns all ObjEntities in the namespace.
protected  Comparator<ObjEntity> AshwoodEntitySorter.getObjEntityComparator(boolean dependantFirst)
 SortedMap<String,ObjEntity> DataMap.getObjEntityMap()
          Returns a sorted unmodifiable map of ObjEntities contained in this DataMap, keyed by ObjEntity name.

Methods in with parameters of type ObjEntity
 void DataMap.addObjEntity(ObjEntity entity)
          Adds a new ObjEntity to this DataMap.
 Object EntityListenerFactory.createListener(EntityListener listenerMapping, ObjEntity entity)
          Creates an instance of entity listener of a given class.
 Iterator<CayenneMapEntry> ObjAttribute.getDbPathIterator(ObjEntity entity)
protected  org.objectstyle.ashwood.dbutil.Table AshwoodEntitySorter.getTable(ObjEntity objEntity)
 boolean ObjEntity.isSubentityOf(ObjEntity entity)
          Returns true if this entity directly or indirectly inherits from a given entity, false otherwise.
 EntityInheritanceTree EntityResolver.lookupInheritanceTree(ObjEntity entity)
          Returns EntityInheritanceTree representing inheritance hierarchy that starts with a given ObjEntity as root, and includes all its subentities.
 void EntitySorter.sortObjectsForEntity(ObjEntity entity, List<?> objects, boolean deleteOrder)
          Sorts a list of objects belonging to the ObjEntity.
 void AshwoodEntitySorter.sortObjectsForEntity(ObjEntity objEntity, List objects, boolean deleteOrder)

Method parameters in with type arguments of type ObjEntity
 void AshwoodEntitySorter.sortObjEntities(List<ObjEntity> objEntities, boolean deleteOrder)
 void EntitySorter.sortObjEntities(List<ObjEntity> objEntities, boolean deleteOrder)
          Sorts a list of ObjEntities.

Constructors in with parameters of type ObjEntity
EmbeddedAttribute(String name, String type, ObjEntity entity)
EntityInheritanceTree(ObjEntity entity)
ObjAttribute(String name, String type, ObjEntity entity)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.merge

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.merge that return types with arguments of type ObjEntity
protected  Collection<ObjEntity> AbstractToModelToken.objEntitiesMappedToDbEntity(DbEntity entity)

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.merge with parameters of type ObjEntity
 void ModelMergeDelegate.objEntityAdded(ObjEntity ent)
 void ModelMergeDelegate.objEntityRemoved(ObjEntity ent)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.project.validator

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.project.validator with parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  void ObjEntityValidator.validateName(ObjEntity entity, ProjectPath path, Validator validator)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.query

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.query that return ObjEntity
 ObjEntity QueryMetadata.getObjEntity()
          Returns an ObjEntity associated with a query or null if no such entity exists.

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.query with parameters of type ObjEntity
DeleteQuery(ObjEntity root)
          Deprecated. Creates a DeleteQuery with null qualifier, for the specifed ObjEntity
DeleteQuery(ObjEntity root, Expression qualifier)
          Deprecated. Creates a DeleteQuery for the specifed ObjEntity with the given qualifier
SelectQuery(ObjEntity root)
          Creates a SelectQuery with null qualifier, for the specifed ObjEntity
SelectQuery(ObjEntity root, Expression qualifier)
          Creates a SelectQuery for the specified ObjEntity with the given qualifier
SQLTemplate(ObjEntity rootEntity, String defaultTemplate)
UpdateQuery(ObjEntity root)
          Deprecated. Creates a UpdateQuery with null qualifier, for the specifed ObjEntity
UpdateQuery(ObjEntity root, Expression qualifier)
          Deprecated. Creates a UpdateQuery for the specifed ObjEntity with the given qualifier

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.reflect

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.reflect declared as ObjEntity
protected  ObjEntity PersistentDescriptor.entity

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect that return ObjEntity
 ObjEntity ClassDescriptor.getEntity()
          Returns an ObjEntity associated with this descriptor.
 ObjEntity LazyClassDescriptorDecorator.getEntity()
 ObjEntity PersistentDescriptor.getEntity()

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect with parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  ClassDescriptor PersistentDescriptorFactory.getDescriptor(ObjEntity entity, Class<?> entityClass)
 void PersistentDescriptor.setEntity(ObjEntity entity)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.reflect.generic

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect.generic with parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  ClassDescriptor DataObjectDescriptorFactory.getDescriptor(ObjEntity entity, Class entityClass)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.reflect.pojo

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect.pojo with parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  ClassDescriptor EnhancedPojoDescriptorFactory.getDescriptor(ObjEntity entity, Class<?> entityClass)

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.util

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.util with parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  List<DbAttribute> EntityMergeSupport.getAttributesToAdd(ObjEntity objEntity)
          Returns a list of attributes that exist in the DbEntity, but are missing from the ObjEntity.
 Collection<DbAttribute> EntityMergeSupport.getMeaningfulFKs(ObjEntity objEntity)
          Returns a list of DbAttributes that are mapped to foreign keys.
protected  List<DbRelationship> EntityMergeSupport.getRelationshipsToAdd(ObjEntity objEntity)
 boolean EntityMergeSupport.synchronizeWithDbEntity(ObjEntity entity)
          Updates ObjEntity attributes and relationships based on the current state of its DbEntity.
static void DeleteRuleUpdater.updateObjEntity(ObjEntity e)
          Updates delete rules for all relationships in a objentity

Method parameters in org.apache.cayenne.util with type arguments of type ObjEntity
 boolean EntityMergeSupport.synchronizeWithDbEntities(Collection<ObjEntity> objEntities)
          Updates each one of the collection of ObjEntities, adding attributes and relationships based on the current state of its DbEntity.

Uses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat

Subclasses of ObjEntity in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat
 class EOObjEntity
          An extension of ObjEntity used to accomodate extra EOModel entity properties.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat with parameters of type ObjEntity
protected  void EOModelProcessor.makeFlatRelationships(EOModelHelper helper, ObjEntity e)
          Create Flattened ObjRelationships of the specified entity.
protected  void EOModelProcessor.makeRelationships(EOModelHelper helper, ObjEntity objEntity)
          Create ObjRelationships of the specified entity, as well as DbRelationships of the corresponding DbEntity.

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat with parameters of type ObjEntity
EOObjAttribute(String name, String type, ObjEntity parent)
EOQuery(ObjEntity root, Map<String,?> plistMap)
EOSQLQuery(ObjEntity root, Map plistMap)

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