Uses of Class

Packages that use DbJoin Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes. 

Uses of DbJoin in

Fields in with type parameters of type DbJoin
protected  List<DbJoin> DbRelationship.joins

Methods in that return DbJoin
 DbJoin DbJoin.createReverseJoin()
          Returns a "reverse" join.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type DbJoin
 List<DbJoin> DbRelationship.getJoins()
          Returns a list of joins.

Methods in with parameters of type DbJoin
 void DbRelationship.addJoin(DbJoin join)
          Adds a join.
 void DbRelationship.removeJoin(DbJoin join)

Method parameters in with type arguments of type DbJoin
 void DbRelationship.setJoins(Collection<DbJoin> newJoins)

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