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Packages that use Attribute Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes.   
org.apache.cayenne.wocompat Contains classes that interface Cayenne with Apple's WebObjects

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Classes in with type parameters of type Attribute
 interface PathComponent<T extends Attribute,U extends Relationship>
          A component in a path chain.

Subclasses of Attribute in
 class DbAttribute
          A DbAttribute defines a descriptor for a single database table column.
 class EmbeddedAttribute
          An attribute of the ObjEntity that maps to an embeddable class.
 class ObjAttribute
          An ObjAttribute is a mapping descriptor of a Java class property.

Fields in with type parameters of type Attribute
protected  SortedMap<String,Attribute> Entity.attributes

Methods in with type parameters of type Attribute
<T extends Attribute,U extends Relationship>
Entity.lastPathComponent(Expression path, Map aliasMap)
          Convenience method returning the last component in the path iterator.
<T extends Attribute,U extends Relationship>
Entity.resolvePath(Expression pathExp, Map aliasMap)
          Returns an Iterable over the path components with elements represented as PathComponent instances, encapsulating a relationship, an attribute or a subpath alias.

Methods in that return Attribute
 Attribute Entity.getAttribute(String attributeName)
          Returns attribute with name attributeName or null if no attribute with this name exists.
 Attribute ObjEntity.getAttribute(String name)
          Returns a named attribute that is either declared in this ObjEntity or is inherited.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Attribute
 SortedMap<String,? extends Attribute> Entity.getAttributeMap()
          Returns an unmodifiable sorted map of entity attributes.
 Collection<? extends Attribute> Entity.getAttributes()
          Returns an unmodifiable collection of entity attributes.

Methods in with parameters of type Attribute
 void DbEntity.addAttribute(Attribute attr)
          Deprecated. in favour of DbEntity.addAttribute(DbAttribute attr). Scheduled for removal in Cayenne 4.
 void Entity.addAttribute(Attribute attribute)
          Adds new attribute to the entity, setting its parent entity to be this object.

Uses of Attribute in

Fields in declared as Attribute
protected  Attribute AttributeEvent.attribute

Methods in that return Attribute
 Attribute AttributeEvent.getAttribute()
          Get attribute (obj or db).

Methods in with parameters of type Attribute
 void AttributeEvent.setAttribute(Attribute attribute)
          Sets the attribute.

Constructors in with parameters of type Attribute
AttributeEvent(Object src, Attribute attr, Entity entity)
          Creates a Attribute change event.
AttributeEvent(Object src, Attribute attr, Entity entity, int id)
          Creates a Attribute event of a specified type.
AttributeEvent(Object src, Attribute attr, Entity entity, String oldName)
          Creates a Attribute name change event.

Uses of Attribute in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat

Subclasses of Attribute in org.apache.cayenne.wocompat
 class EODbAttribute
          EOModel-friendly DbAttribute subclass.
 class EOObjAttribute
          An ObjAttribute extension that accomodates EOModel attributes.

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