Class DbRelationshipDetected

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, CayenneMapEntry, XMLSerializable

public class DbRelationshipDetected
extends DbRelationship

A subclass of DbRelationship to hold some extra runtime information.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
joins, PROPERTY_DID_CHANGE, toDependentPK
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name, runtime, sourceEntity, targetEntityName, toMany
Constructor Summary
DbRelationshipDetected(String uniqueRelName)
Method Summary
 String getFkName()
          Get the name of the underlying foreign key.
 void setFkName(String fkName)
          Set the name of the underlying foreign key.
Methods inherited from class
addJoin, createReverseRelationship, encodeAsXML, firePropertyDidChange, getJoins, getReverseRelationship, getSourceAttributes, getTargetAttributes, getTargetEntity, isFromPK, isToDependentPK, isToMasterPK, isToPK, isValidForDepPk, removeAllJoins, removeJoin, setJoins, setToDependentPK, setToMany, srcFkSnapshotWithTargetSnapshot, srcPkSnapshotWithTargetSnapshot, targetPkSnapshotWithSrcSnapshot
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getName, getParent, getSourceEntity, getTargetEntityName, isRuntime, isToMany, setName, setParent, setRuntime, setSourceEntity, setTargetEntity, setTargetEntityName, toString
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Constructor Detail


public DbRelationshipDetected(String uniqueRelName)
Method Detail


public void setFkName(String fkName)
Set the name of the underlying foreign key. Typically FK_NAME from jdbc metadata.


public String getFkName()
Get the name of the underlying foreign key. Typically FK_NAME from jdbc metadata.

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