Package org.apache.cayenne.enhancer

Interface Summary
EnhancerVisitorFactory A factory for the ASM ClassVisitors used during class enhancement.

Class Summary
AccessorVisitor An enhancer that adds interceptor code to the getters and setters.
CayenneEnhancerVisitorFactory EnhancerVisitorFactory implementation based on Cayenne mapping.
EmbeddableVisitor Enhances classes passed through the visitor to add embeddable fields and methods needed by Cayenne.
EnhancementHelper A helper for the ASM ClassVisitor that encapsulates common class enhancement operations.
Enhancer A ClassFileTransformer that delegates class enhancement to a chain of ASM transformers provided by the EnhancerVisitorFactory.
PersistentAccessorVisitor Accessor enhancer that enhances getters and setters mapped in a given ObjEntity.
PojoVisitor Enhances classes passed through the visitor, ensuring that the resulting class implements Persistent interface as well as supports lazy faulting.

Exception Summary
DoubleEnhanceException An exception thrown from within enhancer visitors to indicate that the class is already enhanced and enhancement run should be stopped.

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