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Uses of SimpleNode in org.apache.cayenne.ejbql.parser

Subclasses of SimpleNode in org.apache.cayenne.ejbql.parser
 class AggregateConditionNode
          Superclass of aggregated conditional nodes such as NOT, AND, OR.
 class EJBQLAbs
 class EJBQLAbstractSchemaName
 class EJBQLAdd
 class EJBQLAggregate
 class EJBQLAggregateColumn
          An aggregate column expression.
 class EJBQLAll
 class EJBQLAnd
 class EJBQLAny
 class EJBQLAscending
 class EJBQLAverage
 class EJBQLBetween
 class EJBQLBooleanLiteral
 class EJBQLClassName
 class EJBQLConcat
 class EJBQLConstructor
 class EJBQLConstructorParameter
 class EJBQLConstructorParameters
 class EJBQLCount
 class EJBQLCurrentDate
 class EJBQLCurrentTime
 class EJBQLCurrentTimestamp
 class EJBQLDbPath
 class EJBQLDecimalLiteral
 class EJBQLDelete
 class EJBQLDescending
 class EJBQLDistinct
 class EJBQLDivide
 class EJBQLEquals
 class EJBQLEscapeCharacter
 class EJBQLExists
 class EJBQLFrom
 class EJBQLFromItem
 class EJBQLGreaterOrEqual
 class EJBQLGreaterThan
 class EJBQLGroupBy
 class EJBQLHaving
 class EJBQLIdentificationVariable
 class EJBQLIdentifier
 class EJBQLIn
 class EJBQLInnerFetchJoin
 class EJBQLInnerJoin
 class EJBQLIntegerLiteral
 class EJBQLIsEmpty
 class EJBQLIsNull
 class EJBQLJoin
 class EJBQLLength
 class EJBQLLessOrEqual
 class EJBQLLessThan
 class EJBQLLike
 class EJBQLLocate
 class EJBQLLower
 class EJBQLMax
 class EJBQLMemberOf
 class EJBQLMin
 class EJBQLMod
 class EJBQLMultiply
 class EJBQLNamedInputParameter
 class EJBQLNegative
 class EJBQLNot
 class EJBQLNotEquals
 class EJBQLOr
 class EJBQLOrderBy
 class EJBQLOrderByItem
 class EJBQLOuterFetchJoin
 class EJBQLOuterJoin
 class EJBQLPath
 class EJBQLPatternValue
 class EJBQLPositionalInputParameter
 class EJBQLSelect
 class EJBQLSelectClause
 class EJBQLSelectExpression
 class EJBQLSelectExpressions
 class EJBQLSize
 class EJBQLSqrt
 class EJBQLStringLiteral
 class EJBQLSubselect
 class EJBQLSubstring
 class EJBQLSubtract
 class EJBQLSum
 class EJBQLTok
 class EJBQLTrim
 class EJBQLTrimBoth
 class EJBQLTrimCharacter
 class EJBQLTrimLeading
 class EJBQLTrimSpecification
 class EJBQLTrimTrailing
 class EJBQLUpdate
 class EJBQLUpdateField
 class EJBQLUpdateItem
 class EJBQLUpdateValue
 class EJBQLUpper
 class EJBQLWhere

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