Package org.apache.cayenne.conn

Provides full DataSource implementation.


Interface Summary
ConnectionEventLoggingDelegate A callback API to used by DriverDataSource and PoolManager to notify of connection events.

Class Summary
ConnectionWrapper ConnectionWrapper is a java.sql.Connection implementation that wraps another Connection, delegating method calls to this connection.
ContainerPoolFactory Basic JNDI object factory that creates an instance of PoolManager that has been configured based on the RefAddr values of the specified Reference.
DataSourceInfo Helper JavaBean class that holds DataSource login information.
DriverDataSource A non-pooling DataSource implementation wrapping a JDBC driver.
PoolDataSource PoolDataSource allows to generate pooled connections.
PooledConnectionImpl PooledConnectionImpl is an implementation of a pooling wrapper for the database connection as per JDBC3 spec.
PoolManager PoolManager is a pooling DataSource impementation.

Package org.apache.cayenne.conn Description

Provides full DataSource implementation. Allows to wrap JDBC drivers into a DataSource-compatible classes. Adds features like connection pooling, etc. Can be used as a DataSource implementation with application servers, web containers, etc.

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