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Packages that use DataSourceInfo
org.apache.cayenne.access Contains classes that make up Cayenne ORM stack. 
org.apache.cayenne.conf Contains classes dealing with Cayenne configuration files. 
org.apache.cayenne.conn Provides full DataSource implementation. 
org.apache.cayenne.project Contains model classes used by CayenneModeler or any other MVC type of application to work with Cayenne project files. 

Uses of DataSourceInfo in org.apache.cayenne.access

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.access with parameters of type DataSourceInfo
 void ConnectionLogger.logPoolCreated(DataSourceInfo info)
static void QueryLogger.logPoolCreated(DataSourceInfo dsi)
          Logs database connection event.
 void DbGenerator.runGenerator(DataSourceInfo dsi)
          Creates a temporary DataSource out of DataSourceInfo and invokes public void runGenerator(DataSource ds).

Uses of DataSourceInfo in org.apache.cayenne.conf

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.conf declared as DataSourceInfo
protected  DataSourceInfo DriverDataSourceFactory.driverInfo

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.conf with type parameters of type DataSourceInfo
protected  Map<String,DataSourceInfo> ConnectionProperties.connectionInfos

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.conf that return DataSourceInfo
protected  DataSourceInfo ConnectionProperties.buildDataSourceInfo(org.apache.commons.collections.ExtendedProperties props)
          Creates a DataSourceInfo object from a set of properties.
 DataSourceInfo ConnectionProperties.getConnectionInfo(String name)
          Returns DataSourceInfo object for a symbolic name.
protected  DataSourceInfo DriverDataSourceFactory.getDriverInfo()
          Returns DataSourceInfo property.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.conf with parameters of type DataSourceInfo
 void ConfigSaver.storeDataNode(PrintWriter pw, Project project, DataSourceInfo info)
          Stores DataSolurceInfo to the specified PrintWriter.

Uses of DataSourceInfo in org.apache.cayenne.conn

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.conn that return DataSourceInfo
 DataSourceInfo DataSourceInfo.cloneInfo()

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.conn with parameters of type DataSourceInfo
 void ConnectionEventLoggingDelegate.logPoolCreated(DataSourceInfo info)

Uses of DataSourceInfo in org.apache.cayenne.project

Fields in org.apache.cayenne.project declared as DataSourceInfo
protected  DataSourceInfo

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.project that return DataSourceInfo
 DataSourceInfo ProjectDataSource.getDataSourceInfo()
protected  DataSourceInfo ProjectDataSourceFactory.getDriverInfo(String location)
          Returns a DataSourceInfo object, loading it from XML file if the factory is configured to do so.

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.project with parameters of type DataSourceInfo
ProjectDataSource(DataSourceInfo info)

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