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Packages that use CayenneRuntimeException
org.apache.cayenne Contains persistence APIs directly accessible by users. 
org.apache.cayenne.access Contains classes that make up Cayenne ORM stack. 
org.apache.cayenne.exp Cayenne data expression classes. Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes. 
org.apache.cayenne.project Contains model classes used by CayenneModeler or any other MVC type of application to work with Cayenne project files. 
org.apache.cayenne.remote Contains classes an interfaces related to Cayenne remote object persistence features. 
org.apache.cayenne.util General utility classes. 

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne
 class ConfigurationException
          A runtime exception thrown on failures in Cayenne configuration.
 class DeleteDenyException
          An exception thrown during an attempt to delete an object that has a relationship to a non-null related object, that has a DENY delete rule.
 class FaultFailureException
          A runtime exception thrown when DataObject.resolveFault() finds that no matching row exists in the database for an ObjectId.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne that throw CayenneRuntimeException
 Object ValueHolder.getValue()
          Returns an object stored by this ValueHolder.
 Object ValueHolder.getValueDirectly()
          Retrieves ValueHolder value without triggering fault resolution.
 Object ValueHolder.setValue(Object value)
          Sets an object stored by this ValueHolder.
 Object ValueHolder.setValueDirectly(Object value)
          Sets ValueHolder vaue without triggering fault resolution.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.access

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.access
 class DomainStoppedException
          An exception thrown on attempts to access a DataDomain after it was explicitly shut down by the user.
 class OptimisticLockException
          An exception thrown on optimistic lock failure.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.access that throw CayenneRuntimeException
 void DataContext.commitChanges()
          Synchronizes object graph with the database.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.ejbql

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.ejbql
 class EJBQLException
          An exception thrown on errors during parsing EJBQL statements.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.enhancer

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.enhancer
 class DoubleEnhanceException
          An exception thrown from within enhancer visitors to indicate that the class is already enhanced and enhancement run should be stopped.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.exp

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.exp
 class ExpressionException
          RuntimeException subclass thrown in cases of errors during expressions creation/parsing.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in

Methods in that throw CayenneRuntimeException
 DataMap MapLoader.loadDataMap(InputSource src)
          Loads a DataMap from XML input source.
 DataMap MapLoader.loadDataMap(String uri)
          Loads DataMap from file specified by uri parameter.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.project

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.project
 class ProjectException
          Runtime exception thrown on various errors within project model.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.reflect

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.reflect
 class PropertyException
          An unchecked exception thrown on errors during property access, either within a Accessor or a Property.
 class UnresolvablePathException
          A runtime exception thrown when PropertyUtils.getProperty() finds that there is a null value in middle of the resolved path.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.reflect that throw CayenneRuntimeException
static Object PropertyUtils.getProperty(Object object, String nestedPropertyName)
          Returns object property using JavaBean-compatible introspection with one addition - a property can be a dot-separated property name path.
static void PropertyUtils.setProperty(Object object, String nestedPropertyName, Object value)
          Sets object property using JavaBean-compatible introspection with one addition - a property can be a dot-separated property name path.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.remote

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.remote that throw CayenneRuntimeException
protected abstract  void BaseConnection.beforeSendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          Called before logging the beginning of message processing.
 EventBridge RemoteSession.createServerEventBridge()
          Creates an EventBridge that will listen for server events.
protected abstract  Object BaseConnection.doSendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          The worker method invoked to process message.
 EventBridge ClientConnection.getServerEventBridge()
          Returns an EventBridge that receives remote server events.
 Object BaseConnection.sendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          Invokes 'beforeSendMessage' on self, then invokes 'doSendMessage'.
 Object ClientConnection.sendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          Sends a synchronous ClientMessage to the server, returning a reply.
protected  boolean ClientChannel.setupRemoteChannelListener()
          Starts up an EventBridge to listen for remote updates.

Constructors in org.apache.cayenne.remote that throw CayenneRuntimeException
ClientChannel(ClientConnection connection, boolean channelEventsEnabled, EventManager eventManager)
ClientChannel(ClientConnection connection, boolean channelEventsEnabled, EventManager eventManager, boolean remoteEventsOptional)

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.remote.hessian

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.remote.hessian that throw CayenneRuntimeException
protected  void HessianConnection.beforeSendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          Establishes server session if needed.
protected  void HessianConnection.connect()
          Establishes a session with remote service.
protected  Object HessianConnection.doSendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          Sends a message to remote Cayenne Hessian service.
 EventBridge HessianConnection.getServerEventBridge()

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.remote.service

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.remote.service
 class MissingSessionException
          An exception that are thrown by the ROP server if the client are missing a session.

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.remote.service that throw CayenneRuntimeException
protected  Object LocalConnection.doSendMessage(ClientMessage message)
          Dispatches a message to an internal handler.
protected  void BaseRemoteService.initService(Map properties)
          A method that sets up a service, initializing Cayenne stack.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.util

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.util that throw CayenneRuntimeException
 Object IndexPropertyList.getValue()
 Object PersistentObjectHolder.getValue()
          Returns a value resolving it via a query on the first call to this method.
 Object PersistentObjectList.getValue()
 Object PersistentObjectMap.getValue()
 Object PersistentObjectSet.getValue()
 Object IndexPropertyList.getValueDirectly()
 Object PersistentObjectHolder.getValueDirectly()
 Object PersistentObjectList.getValueDirectly()
 Object PersistentObjectMap.getValueDirectly()
 Object PersistentObjectSet.getValueDirectly()
 Object IndexPropertyList.setValue(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectHolder.setValue(Object value)
          Sets an object value, marking this ValueHolder as resolved.
 Object PersistentObjectList.setValue(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectMap.setValue(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectSet.setValue(Object value)
 Object IndexPropertyList.setValueDirectly(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectHolder.setValueDirectly(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectList.setValueDirectly(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectMap.setValueDirectly(Object value)
 Object PersistentObjectSet.setValueDirectly(Object value)

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.validation

Subclasses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.validation
 class ValidationException
          An exception thrown on unsuccessful validation.

Uses of CayenneRuntimeException in org.apache.cayenne.xml

Methods in org.apache.cayenne.xml that throw CayenneRuntimeException
 Object XMLDecoder.decode(Reader xml)
          Decodes XML wrapped by a Reader into an object.
 Object XMLDecoder.decode(Reader xml, String mappingUrl)
          Decodes XML wrapped by a Reader into an object, using the supplied mapping file to guide the decoding process.
protected  Collection<Object> XMLDecoder.decodeCollection(Element xml)
          Decodes a Collection represented by XML wrapped by a Reader into a List of objects.
protected  Object XMLDecoder.decodeElement(Element element)
          Decodes the XML element to an object.
static List<Object> XMLDecoder.decodeList(Reader xml)
          Decodes a list of DataObjects.
static List<Object> XMLDecoder.decodeList(Reader xml, ObjectContext objectContext)
          Decodes a list of DataObjects, registering them the supplied context.
static List<Object> XMLDecoder.decodeList(Reader xml, String mappingUrl)
          Decodes a list of DataObjects using the supplied mapping file to guide the decoding process.
static List<Object> XMLDecoder.decodeList(Reader xml, String mappingUrl, ObjectContext objectContext)
          Decodes a list of DataObjects using the supplied mapping file to guide the decoding process, registering them the supplied context.
 String XMLEncoder.encode(Object object)
          Encodes an object using "root" as a root tag.
 String XMLEncoder.encode(String rootTag, Object object)
          Encodes using provided root XML tag.

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