System Requirements

  • JDK: Cayenne, including GUI tools, is written in 100% Java, and runs on any Java-compatible platform. Required JDK version is 1.4 or higher. If your deployment environment uses JDK 1.3, you can still use Cayenne, just downgrade to version 1.1.x - the last version compatible with JDK 1.3.
  • JDBC Driver: You will need a JDBC driver to access the database. Information about various drivers and database-specific configuration is provided on the Database Support page.
  • Third-party Libraries: Depending on the application nature, Cayenne may optionally require a few third-party open source packages. See JAR Files and Dependencies page for details.

Obtaining Cayenne

Installing Cayenne is simple - just download and unpack the distribution. Download page is located here: Select a distribution matching your target platform (cross-platform version, as the name implies, works on any OS that has Java).

Once you've done that, you can start the Modeler and use cayenne.jar file in your applications (see JAR Files and Dependencies for more information).


  1. Upgrade
  2. JAR Files and Dependencies