Package org.apache.cayenne.util

General utility classes.


Interface Summary
CayenneMapEntry Defining a double-linked named entry in CayenneMap.
XMLSerializable Interface for Cayenne objects that can be saved to XML.

Class Summary
AbstractHandler Deprecated. since 1.2 - this is moved to a non-public class in conf package.
Base64Codec Provides Base64 encoding and decoding as defined by RFC 2045.
CayenneMap A CayenneMap is a specialized double-linked sorted map class.
ConversionUtil A collection of static conversion utility methods.
DeepMergeOperation An operation that performs object graph deep merge, terminating merge at unresolved nodes.
EntityMergeSupport Implements methods for entity merging.
EventUtil Contains access stack events related utility methods.
GenericResponse A simple serializable implementation of QueryResponse.
IDUtil helper class to generate pseudo-GUID sequences.
IncrementalListResponse A QueryResponse that contains a sublist of the query result.
IndexPropertyList A List implementation that would maintain its internal ordering based on some object numeric "index" property.
Invocation Invocation represents a dynamic method invocation bound to a specific target.
ListResponse A QueryResponse optimized to hold a single object or data row list.
LocalizedStringsHandler Provides access to various modeler resources (mainly strings) obtained via a ResourceBundle.
MemoryBlob A Blob implementation that stores content in memory.
MemoryClob A Clob implementation that stores contents in memory.
NameConverter Utility class to convert from different naming styles to Java convention.
ObjectContextQueryAction A helper class that implements DataChannel.onQuery(ObjectContext, Query) logic on behalf of an ObjectContext.
ObjectDetachOperation An operation that creates a subgraph of detached objects, using the PrefetchTree to delineate the graph boundaries.
PersistentObjectHolder A ValueHolder implementation that holds a single Persistent object related to an object used to initialize PersistentObjectHolder.
PersistentObjectList A list of persistent objects lazily resolved on the first access.
PropertyComparator Deprecated. unused since 1.2.
RelationshipFault An abstract superlcass of lazily faulted to-one and to-many relationships.
ResourceLocator Utility class to find resources (files, etc.), using a preconfigured strategy.
ResourceLocator.PredicateLogger Custom logger that can be dynamically turned on/off by evaluating a Predicate.
Util Contains various unorganized static utility methods used across Cayenne.
WebApplicationResourceLocator A ResourceLocator that can find resources relative to web application context.
XMLEncoder A helper class to encode objects to XML.
ZipUtil Utility class to perform zip/unzip operations on files and directories.

Package org.apache.cayenne.util Description

General utility classes.

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