Package org.apache.cayenne.query

Defines standard queries supported by Cayenne and extension mechanism to create custom queries.


Interface Summary
GenericSelectQuery Deprecated. Since 1.2 this interface obsolete.
ParameterizedQuery Defines a query that can serve as a template for other queries.
PrefetchProcessor A hierarchical visitor interface for traversing a tree of PrefetchTreeNodes.
Query Defines minimal API of a query descriptor that is executable via Cayenne.
QueryMetadata Provides a common interface for accessing query metadata.
QueryRouter An interface used by Queries to route themselves to an appropriate QueryEngine.
SQLAction Defines API for query execution strategy over JDBC connection (as in Strategy Pattern).
SQLActionVisitor A factory interface to create standard SQLActions for a set of standard queries.

Class Summary
AbstractQuery A common superclass of Cayenne queries.
BatchQuery BatchQuery and its descendants allow to group similar data for the batch database modifications, including inserts, updates and deletes.
DeleteBatchQuery Batched delete query.
IndirectQuery A convenience superclass of the queries that resolve into some other queries during the routing phase.
InsertBatchQuery Batched INSERT query.
InsertQuery Deprecated. since 1.2 Object InsertQuery is not needed anymore.
NamedQuery A query that is a reference to a named parameterized query stored in the mapping.
ObjectIdQuery A query that matches zero or one object or data row corresponding to the ObjectId.
Ordering Defines object sorting criteria, used either for in-memory sorting of object lists or as a specification for building ORDER BY clause of a SelectQuery query.
PrefetchSelectQuery A SelectQuery to perform a prefetch based on another query.
PrefetchTreeNode Defines a node in a prefetch tree.
ProcedureQuery A query based on Procedure.
QualifiedQuery An abstract superclass of queries with Expression qualifiers.
QueryChain A Query decorator for a collection of other queries.
RelationshipQuery A query that selects objects related to a given object.
SelectQuery A query that selects persistent objects of a certain type or "raw data" (aka DataRows).
SQLTemplate A query that executes unchanged (except for template preprocessing) "raw" SQL specified by the user.
UpdateBatchQuery Batched UPDATE query.
UpdateQuery Object encapsulating an UPDATE statement.

Package org.apache.cayenne.query Description

Defines standard queries supported by Cayenne and extension mechanism to create custom queries. Many of the queries in this package are used by the framework internally. Normally users would only care about these general query classes:

and sometimes - these specialized queries:

Cayenne can "execute" any object as a query as long as it implements Query interface and provides meaningful implementation of either Query.route(...) and/or Query.createSQLAction(SQLActionVisitor)} methods. So users can extend/customize queries if they need to. Custom implementations would normally either create a query from a standard Cayenne set and delegate the execution to it (acting as a sort of "query builder"), or can implement its own non-standard SQLAction.

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