Interface Summary
ArcProperty A Property that represents an "arc" connecting source node to the target node in the graph.
ClassDescriptor Provides access to a set of persistent properties of a Java Bean and methods for manipulating such bean.
ClassDescriptorFactory A factory of ClassDescriptor instances.
CollectionProperty A property representing a collection of objects.
Property Defines bean property API used by Cayenne to access object data, do faulting and graph maintenance tasks.
PropertyAccessor An accessor of a property value.
PropertyVisitor A visitor for various types of properties in a ClassDescriptor.
SingleObjectArcProperty An ArcProperty that points to a single graph node.

Class Summary
AbstractCollectionProperty A generic superclass of CollectionProperty implementations.
AbstractSingleObjectArcProperty A base superclass of SingleObjectArcProperty implementors.
BaseClassDescriptor A superclass of Cayenne ClassDescriptors.
BeanAccessor A property accessor that uses set/get methods following JavaBean naming conventions.
DataObjectAccessor A PropertyAccessor that uses DataObject API to read/write values.
FieldAccessor A PropertyAccessor that performs direct Field access.
IndexedListProperty A CollectionProperty that uses IndexPropertyList.
ListProperty Provides access to a property implemented as a List Field.
PersistentObjectProperty An ArcProperty for accessing to-one relationships.
PropertyUtils Utility methods to quickly access object properties.
SimpleProperty A property descriptor that provides access to a simple object property, delegating property read/write operations to an accessor.
ToManyListProperty A list property that is intended to work with ToManyList.
ValueHolderProperty Provides access to a property implemented as a ValueHolder Field.

Exception Summary
PropertyAccessException An unchecked exception thrown on errors during property access.

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