Package org.apache.cayenne

Contains persistence APIs directly accessible by users.


Interface Summary
DataChannel DataChannel is an abstraction used by ObjectContexts to obtain mapping metadata and access a persistent store.
DataChannelListener A listener of DataChannel lifecycle events.
DataObject Defines basic methods for a persistent object in Cayenne.
ObjectContext A Cayenne object facade to a persistent store.
Persistent Defines minimal API of an object that can be persisted via Cayenne.
QueryResponse Represents a result of query execution.
ValueHolder Provides a level of indirection for property value access, most often used for deferred faulting of to-one relationships.

Class Summary
CayenneContext A default generic implementation of ObjectContext suitable for accessing Cayenne from either an ORM or a client tiers.
CayenneDataObject A default implementation of DataObject interface.
DataObjectUtils A collection of utility methods to work with DataObjects.
DataRow DataRow a map that holds values retrieved from the database for a given query row.
Fault Represents a placeholder for an unresolved relationship from a source object.
ObjectId A portable global identifier for persistent objects.
PersistenceState Defines a set of object states from the point of view of persistence.
PersistentObject A convenience base superclass for concrete Persistent objects.
TempObjectId Deprecated. since 1.2 superclass can represent both permanent and temporary id.

Exception Summary
CayenneException A generic checked exception that may be thrown by Cayenne framework.
CayenneRuntimeException A generic unchecked exception that may be thrown by Cayenne framework.
ConfigurationException A runtime exception thrown on failures in Cayenne configuration.
DeleteDenyException An exception thrown during an attempt to delete an object that has a relationship to a non-null related object, that has a DENY delete rule.
FaultFailureException A runtime exception thrown when DataObject.resolveFault() finds that no matching row exists in the database for an ObjectId.

Package org.apache.cayenne Description

Contains persistence APIs directly accessible by users.

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