Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes.


Interface Summary
EntitySorter Defines API for sorting of Cayenne entities based on their mutual dependencies.
MappingNamespace Defines API of a container of DbEntities, ObjEntities, Procedures, Queries and other mapping objects.

Class Summary
AshwoodEntitySorter Implements dependency sorting algorithms for ObjEntities, DbEntities and DataObjects.
Attribute Defines a property descriptor that is a part of an Entity.
DataMap Stores a collection of related mapping objects that describe database and object layers of an application.
DbAttribute A DbAttribute defines a descriptor for a single database table column.
DbEntity A DbEntity is a mapping descriptor that defines a structure of a database table.
DbJoin Defines a join between two attributes of a given relationship.
DbKeyGenerator DbKeyGenerator is an abstraction of a primary key generator It configures the primary key generation per DbEntity in a RDBMS independent manner.
DbRelationship A DbRelationship is a descriptor of a database inter-table relationship based on one or more primary key/foreign key pairs.
DeleteRule Defines constants for the possible values of ObjRelationship delete rules.
DerivedDbAttribute A DerivedDbAttribute is a DbAttribute that resolves to an SQL expression based on a set of other attributes.
DerivedDbEntity DbEntity subclass that is based on another DbEntity and allows to define complex database expressions like GROUP BY and aggregate functions.
Entity An Entity is an abstract descriptor for an entity mapping concept.
EntityDescriptor A ClassDescriptor describing a persistent bean based on ObjEntity.
EntityDescriptorFactory A caching descriptor factory that creates ClassDescriptors based on Cayenne mapping information.
EntityInheritanceTree A tree structure representing inheritance hierarchy of an ObjEntity and its subentities.
EntityResolver Represents a virtual shared namespace for zero or more DataMaps.
MapLoader Default MapLoader.
MapObject Deprecated. Since 1.2 this class is unused.
ObjAttribute An ObjAttribute is a mapping descriptor of a Java class property.
ObjEntity ObjEntity is a mapping descriptor for a DataObject Java class.
ObjRelationship Describes navigational association between two Java classes, represented as source and target ObjEntity.
Procedure A mapping descriptor for a database stored procedure.
ProcedureParameter A descriptor for the Procedure parameter.
QueryBuilder A builder that constructs Cayenne queries from abstract configuration information defined in cayenne-data-map*.dtd.
Relationship Defines a relationship between two entities.

Exception Summary
DataMapException Deprecated. since 1.2 unused - CayenneRuntimeException is thrown in cases where this checked exception was used.

Package Description

Contains O/R mapping classes that store relational database metadata information and map it to Java classes.

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