Package org.apache.cayenne.graph

Contains generic graph management tools used in Cayenne.


Interface Summary
GraphChangeHandler Defines callback API that can be used by object graph nodes to notify of their state changes.
GraphDiff Represents a change in an object graph.
GraphManager Represents a generic "managed" graph with nodes mapped by their ids.

Class Summary
CompoundDiff A GraphDiff that is a list of other GraphDiffs.
GraphEvent An event indicating a change in the object graph.
GraphMap A base implementation of GraphManager that stores graph nodes keyed by their ids.
NodeDiff An abstract superclass of operations on individual nodes and arcs in a digraph.
NodeIdChangeOperation A GraphDiff representing a change in node ID.

Package org.apache.cayenne.graph Description

Contains generic graph management tools used in Cayenne. Main focus of this API is not graph semantics, but rather working with a graph as a random access map of nodes and tracking graph changes.

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