Package org.apache.cayenne.exp.parser

Contains expression parser and other expression internals.


Interface Summary
Node Provides basic machinery for constructing the parent and child relationships between nodes.

Class Summary
AggregateConditionNode Superclass of aggregated conditional nodes such as NOT, AND, OR.
ASTAdd "Add" Expression.
ASTAnd "And" expression.
ASTBetween "Between" expression.
ASTDbPath Path expression traversing DB relationships and attributes.
ASTDivide "Divide" expression.
ASTEqual "Equal To" expression.
ASTGreater "Greate Than" expression.
ASTGreaterOrEqual "Greater Than Or Equal To" expression.
ASTIn "In" expression.
ASTLess "Less Then" expression.
ASTLessOrEqual "Less than or equal to" expression.
ASTLike "Like" expression.
ASTLikeIgnoreCase "Case insensitive like" expression.
ASTList A leaf expression representing an immutable collection of values.
ASTMultiply "Multiply" expression.
ASTNamedParameter A named expression parameter.
ASTNegate "Negate" expression.
ASTNot "Not" expression.
ASTNotBetween "Not Between" expression.
ASTNotEqual "Not equal to" expression.
ASTNotIn "Not In" expression.
ASTNotLike "Not Like" expression.
ASTNotLikeIgnoreCase "Not like, ignore case" expression.
ASTOr "Or" expression.
ASTPath Generic path expression.
ASTScalar A scalar value wrapper expression.
ASTSubtract "Subtract" expression.
ConditionNode Superclass of conditional expressions.
ExpressionParser Parser of Cayenne Expressions.
PatternMatchNode Superclass of pattern matching nodes.
SimpleNode Superclass of AST* expressions that implements Node interface defined by JavaCC framework.

Exception Summary
ParseException This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.

Package org.apache.cayenne.exp.parser Description

Contains expression parser and other expression internals.

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