Package org.apache.cayenne.exp

Cayenne data expression classes.


Interface Summary
TraversalHandler Expression visitor interface.

Class Summary
BinaryExpression Deprecated. since 1.2
Expression Superclass of Cayenne expressions that defines basic API for expressions use.
ExpressionFactory Helper class to build expressions.
ExpressionParameter Named parameter for paramterized expressions.
ListExpression Deprecated. since 1.2, replaced by ASTList.
TernaryExpression Deprecated. since 1.2
TraversalHelper Noop implementation of TraversalHandler.
UnaryExpression Deprecated. since 1.2

Exception Summary
ExpressionException RuntimeException subclass thrown in cases of errors during expressions creation/parsing.

Package org.apache.cayenne.exp Description

Cayenne data expression classes.

This package contains classes that describe expression language of Cayenne. Cayenne expressions define expressions on objects rather than expressions on data. Other parts of Cayenne may translate them to the target database SQL syntax.

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