Package org.apache.cayenne.dba

Contains database adapter API (DbAdapter) and its default implementation.


Interface Summary
DbAdapter Defines API needed to handle differences between various databases accessed via JDBC.
DbAdapterFactory Defines a conditional factory for a specific DbAdapter.
PkGenerator Defines methods to support automatic primary key generation.

Class Summary
AutoAdapter A DbAdapter that automatically detects the kind of database it is running on and instantiates an appropriate DB-specific adapter, delegating all subsequent method calls to this adapter.
JdbcActionBuilder A factory of default SQLActions.
JdbcAdapter A generic DbAdapter implementation.
JdbcPkGenerator Default primary key generator implementation.
PkRange Represents data structure to maintain a range of cached primary keys.
TypesHandler TypesHandler provides JDBC-RDBMS types mapping.
TypesMapping A utility class that handles mappings of JDBC data types to the database types and Java types.

Package org.apache.cayenne.dba Description

Contains database adapter API (DbAdapter) and its default implementation. DbAdapter interface and related classes solve cross-database issues inherent to JDBC.

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