Class Oracle8Adapter

  extended by org.apache.cayenne.dba.JdbcAdapter
      extended by
          extended by
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public class Oracle8Adapter
extends OracleAdapter

A flavor of OracleAdapter that implements workarounds for some old driver limitations.

Andrus Adamchik

Field Summary
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initDone, NEW_BLOB_FUNCTION, NEW_CLOB_FUNCTION, ORACLE_BLOB, ORACLE_CLOB, ORACLE_FLOAT, oracleCursorType, outputStreamFromBlobMethod, supportsOracleLOB, TRIM_FUNCTION, writerFromClobMethod
Fields inherited from class org.apache.cayenne.dba.JdbcAdapter
extendedTypes, pkGenerator, supportsBatchUpdates, supportsFkConstraints, supportsGeneratedKeys, supportsUniqueConstraints, typesHandler
Constructor Summary
Method Summary findAdapterResource(java.lang.String name)
          Locates and returns a named adapter resource.
 SQLAction getAction(Query query, DataNode node)
          Uses OracleActionBuilder to create the right action.
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buildAttribute, configureExtendedTypes, createPkGenerator, dropTable, getOracleCursorType, getOutputStreamFromBlobMethod, getQualifierTranslator, getWriterFromClobMethod, initDriverInformation, isSupportsOracleLOB, queryTranslatorClass, shouldRunBatchQuery
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bindParameter, createDataNode, createFkConstraint, createTable, createTableAppendColumn, createTableAppendPKClause, createUniqueConstraint, externalTypesForJdbcType, getBatchTerminator, getExtendedTypes, getPkGenerator, getQueryTranslator, setPkGenerator, setSupportsBatchUpdates, setSupportsFkConstraints, setSupportsGeneratedKeys, setSupportsUniqueConstraints, supportsBatchUpdates, supportsFkConstraints, supportsGeneratedKeys, supportsUniqueConstraints, tableTypeForTable, tableTypeForView
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Constructor Detail


public Oracle8Adapter()
Method Detail


public SQLAction getAction(Query query,
                           DataNode node)
Uses OracleActionBuilder to create the right action.

Specified by:
getAction in interface DbAdapter
getAction in class OracleAdapter


public findAdapterResource(java.lang.String name)
Description copied from class: JdbcAdapter
Locates and returns a named adapter resource. A resource can be an XML file, etc.

This implementation is based on the premise that each adapter is located in its own Java package and all resources are in the same package as well. Resource lookup is recursive, so that if DbAdapter is a subclass of another adapter, parent adapter package is searched as a failover.

findAdapterResource in class JdbcAdapter

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