Package org.apache.cayenne.conf

Contains classes dealing with Cayenne configuration files.


Interface Summary
ConfigLoaderDelegate Interface that defines callback API used by ConfigLoader to process loaded configuration.
ConfigSaverDelegate Defines a set of callback methods that provide information to ConfigSaver when Cayenne project is saved.
DataSourceFactory A pluggable factory for javax.sql.DataSource instances used by Cayenne runtime.

Class Summary
BasicServletConfiguration Deprecated. Since 1.2 ServletUtil is used instead, as the actual file loading strategy is defined at the ResourceLocator elevel, and this class provides no value of its own.
ConfigLoader Class that performs runtime loading of Cayenne configuration.
ConfigSaver Class that does saving of Cayenne configuration.
ConfigStatus Interface defines API to check the status of Cayenne configuration.
Configuration This class is an entry point to Cayenne.
ConnectionProperties ConnectionProperties handles a set of DataSourceInfo objects using information stored in $HOME/.cayenne/
DBCPDataSourceFactory An implementation of DataSourceFactory that instantiates a DataSource from Apache Commons DBCP.
DefaultConfiguration Subclass of Configuration that uses the System CLASSPATH to locate resources.
DriverDataSourceFactory Creates DataSource objects from XML configuration files that describe a JDBC driver.
FileConfiguration FileConfiguration loads a Cayenne configuraton file from a given location in the file system.
JNDIDataSourceFactory Looks up DataSource objects via JNDI.
RuntimeLoadDelegate Implementation of ConfigLoaderDelegate that creates Cayenne access objects stack.
RuntimeSaveDelegate Save delegate used for saving Cayenne access stack.
ServletUtil Configuration class that uses ServletContext to locate resources.
WebApplicationContextFilter WebApplicationContextFilter is another helper class to help integrate Cayenne with web applications.
WebApplicationContextProvider Deprecated. since 1.2.
WebApplicationListener Deprecated. since 1.2.

Package org.apache.cayenne.conf Description

Contains classes dealing with Cayenne configuration files. Includes support for a number of standard ways to initialize Cayenne, and lays a framework for custom extentions.

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