Package org.apache.cayenne.access.util

Interface Summary
DependencySorter Deprecated. In 1.2 replaced with EntitySorter

Class Summary
BatchQueryUtils Deprecated. since 1.2 - this class is made non-public and moved to the access package.
ConnectionEventLogger Deprecated. Since 1.2 moved to the access package.
ContextCommitObserver Deprecated. Unused since 1.2
DataNodeCommitHelper Deprecated. Unused since 1.2.
DefaultOperationObserver Simple implementation of OperationObserver interface.
DistinctResultIterator A ResultIterator that does in-memory filtering of rows to return only distinct rows.
IteratedSelectObserver OperationObserver that is used to track the execution of SelectQueries with results returned as ResultIterator.
PrefetchHelper Deprecated. Since 1.2.
PrimaryKeyHelper Deprecated. since 1.2 replaced with a non-public utility class.
QueryUtils Deprecated. In 1.2 Cayenne supports specialized queries such as ObjectIdQuery and RelationshipQuery, making this class redundant.
ResultDescriptor Deprecated. Since 1.2 replaced with RowDescriptor that provides clean and straightforward creation options instead of ResultDescriptor's obscure ways to index Cayenne attributes data.
SelectObserver Deprecated. since 1.2 SelectObserver is no longer used in Cayenne internally.

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