Package org.apache.cayenne.access.trans

Provides translators for Cayenne queries.


Interface Summary
SelectQueryTranslator Deprecated. Unused since 1.2.

Class Summary
BatchQueryBuilder Superclass of batch query translators.
DeleteBatchQueryBuilder Translator for delete BatchQueries.
DeleteTranslator Class implements default translation mechanism of org.apache.cayenne.query.DeleteQuery objects to SQL DELETE statements.
InsertBatchQueryBuilder Translator of InsertBatchQueries.
InsertTranslator Deprecated. since 1.2 Object InsertQuery is not needed anymore.
LOBBatchQueryBuilder Superclass of query builders for the DML operations involving LOBs.
LOBBatchQueryWrapper Helper class to extract the information from BatchQueries, essential for LOB columns processing.
OrderingTranslator Translates query ordering to SQL.
ProcedureTranslator Stored procedure query translator.
QualifierTranslator Translates query qualifier to SQL.
QueryAssembler Abstract superclass of Query translators.
QueryAssemblerHelper Translates parts of the query to SQL.
SelectTranslator A builder of JDBC PreparedStatements based on Cayenne SelectQueries.
TrimmingQualifierTranslator QualifierTranslator that allows translation of qualifiers that perform comparison with CHAR columns.
UpdateBatchQueryBuilder A translator for UpdateBatchQueries that produces parameterized SQL.
UpdateTranslator Class implements default translation mechanism of org.apache.cayenne.query.UpdateQuery objects to SQL UPDATE statements.

Package org.apache.cayenne.access.trans Description

Provides translators for Cayenne queries. Classes in this package define interfaces for query translation into SQL as well as provide a default implementation of translators. DbAdapters can define their own translators to handle database-specific issues.

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