Class DeleteTranslator

  extended by org.apache.cayenne.access.QueryTranslator
      extended by org.apache.cayenne.access.trans.QueryAssembler
          extended by org.apache.cayenne.access.trans.DeleteTranslator

public class DeleteTranslator
extends QueryAssembler

Class implements default translation mechanism of org.apache.cayenne.query.DeleteQuery objects to SQL DELETE statements.

Andrei Adamchik

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.cayenne.access.trans.QueryAssembler
attributes, values
Fields inherited from class org.apache.cayenne.access.QueryTranslator
adapter, connection, engine, entityResolver, query
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String aliasForTable(DbEntity dbEnt)
          Returns a name that can be used as column alias.
 java.lang.String createSqlString()
          Main method of DeleteTranslator class.
 void dbRelationshipAdded(DbRelationship dbRel)
          Processes a join being added.
Methods inherited from class org.apache.cayenne.access.trans.QueryAssembler
addToParamList, aliasForTable, createStatement, initStatement, supportsTableAliases
Methods inherited from class org.apache.cayenne.access.QueryTranslator
createStatement, getAdapter, getCon, getConnection, getEngine, getEntityResolver, getQuery, getRootDbEntity, getRootEntity, getRootInheritanceTree, setAdapter, setCon, setConnection, setEngine, setEntityResolver, setQuery
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Constructor Detail


public DeleteTranslator()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String aliasForTable(DbEntity dbEnt)
Description copied from class: QueryAssembler
Returns a name that can be used as column alias. This can be one of the following: CayenneRuntimeException is thrown if a table alias can not be created.

Specified by:
aliasForTable in class QueryAssembler


public void dbRelationshipAdded(DbRelationship dbRel)
Description copied from class: QueryAssembler
Processes a join being added.

Specified by:
dbRelationshipAdded in class QueryAssembler


public java.lang.String createSqlString()
                                 throws java.lang.Exception
Main method of DeleteTranslator class. Translates DeleteQuery into a JDBC PreparedStatement

Specified by:
createSqlString in class QueryAssembler

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