Package org.apache.cayenne.access

Contains classes that make up Cayenne ORM stack.


Interface Summary
DataContextDelegate Defines API for a DataContext "delegate" - an object that is temporarily passed control by DataContext at some critical points in the normal flow of execution.
DataContextFactory An interface for creating DataContexts.
DataPortDelegate Interface for callback and delegate methods allowing implementing classes to control various aspects of data porting via DataPort.
DbLoaderDelegate DbLoaderDelegate defines API that allows to control the behavior of DbLoader during the database reverse-engineering.
OperationHints Defines API that allows QueryEngine to obtain information about query execution strategy.
OperationObserver Defines a set of callback methods that allow QueryEngine to pass back query results and notify caller about exceptions.
QueryEngine Defines methods used to run Cayenne queries.
ResultIterator Defines API of an iterator over the records returned as a result of SelectQuery execution.
TransactionDelegate Defines callback methods for tracking and customizing Transactions execution.

Class Summary
ClientServerChannel A DataChannel adapter that connects client ObjectContext children to a server ObjectContext.
ConnectionLogger Adapts QueryLogger to be used as a ConnectionEventLoggingDelegate with Cayenne connection pools.
DataContext Class that provides applications with access to Cayenne persistence features.
DataDomain DataDomain performs query routing functions in Cayenne.
DataDomainLegacyQueryAction DataDomain query action that relies on expernally provided OperationObserver to process the results.
DataNode Describes a single physical data source.
DataPort An engine to port data between two DataNodes.
DataRowStore A fixed size cache of DataRows keyed by ObjectId.
DbGenerator Utility class that generates database schema based on Cayenne mapping.
DbLoader Utility class that does reverse engineering of the database.
DefaultResultIterator Deprecated. Since 1.2 replaced by JDBCResultIterator.
IncrementalFaultList A synchronized list that serves as a container of DataObjects.
ObjectStore ObjectStore stores objects using their ObjectId as a key.
QueryLogger QueryLogger is intended to log special events that happen whenever Cayenne interacts with a database.
QueryResult QueryResult encapsulates a result of execution of zero or more queries using QueryEngine.
QueryTranslator Defines API for translation Cayenne queries to JDBC PreparedStatements.
ToManyList A list that holds objects for to-many relationships.
Transaction A Cayenne transaction.

Exception Summary
DeleteDenyException Deprecated. since 1.2 moved to org.apache.cayenne package.
OptimisticLockException An exception thrown on optimistic lock failure.

Package org.apache.cayenne.access Description

Contains classes that make up Cayenne ORM stack. Three main classes from top to bottom are DataContext, DataDomain and DataNode.

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