Follow the instructions below appropriate for the type of OS and Cayenne distribution that you have:

Mac OS X comes as a part of the Mac distribution and is located at the root of the disk image.

Windows OS

Windows distribution of Cayenne contains CayenneModeler.exe file in the bin directory. To start the Modeler doubleclick this file. Note that you still need a JDK version 1.4 or newer installed to be able to run the Modeler.

Cross Platform Modeler (Linux or any other OS)

CayenneModeler is a regular Java application that can be run on JDK 1.4 or newer. It can be started in two different ways:

1. By running cayenne-modeler.jar:

cd [cayenne_distro_dir]/lib/modeler
java -jar cayenne-modeler.jar

2. Or by executing a startup script.

To use one of the scripts, first set the following environment variables:

  • JAVA_HOME - should point to your JSDK 1.4 installation. It may already exist in the environment.
  • CAYENNE_HOME (optional) - should point to the directory where your unpacked Cayenne (a directory named like cayenne-[release-suffix]). If CAYENNE_HOME is undefined, scripts will still work in most environments, guessing the right distribution location.

And then run the scripts: