In the future versions of Cayenne DataViews will be split in a standalone package. Unless we find volunteers, this package won't be supported very well.

Cayenne takes care of managing persistence layer for all types of applications - web, rich client, command line, etc. With DataViews Cayenne extends into the area of integrating such persistent layer with Swing GUI.

DataViews define various presentation parameters of the DataObjects in an XML format. Just like DataMaps are edited using CayenneModeler, DataViews are edited with DVModeler GUI Tool. Runtime DataView classes are a part of the main Cayenne JAR file.

For manual editing of the DataViews, DataView DTD is included in the distribution. It is pretty small and the names are self-explanatory once you become familiar with the Data View structure described in this chapter.

DataViews use JDOM, so in addition to the jar files required by a regular Cayenne application, DataViews-based application must have access to JDOM jars. JDOM can be downloaded from