Appendix B. Service Collections

Note that the collection keys below are defined as constants in org.apache.cayenne.configuration.Constants interface.

Table B.1. Service Collection Keys Present in ServerRuntime and/or ClientRuntime

Collection Property Type Description Map<String,String> Properties used by built-in Cayenne services. The keys in this map are the property names from the table in Appendix A. Separate copies of this map exist on the server and ROP client.
cayenne.server.adapter_detectors List<DbAdapterDetector> Contains objects that can discover the type of current database and install the correct DbAdapter in runtime.
cayenne.server.domain_filters List<DataChannelFilter> Stores DataDomain filters.
cayenne.server.project_locations List<String> Stores locations of the one of more project configuration files.
cayenne.server.default_types List<ExtendedType> Stores default adapter-agnostic ExtendedTypes. Default ExtendedTypes can be overridden / extended by DB-specific DbAdapters as well as by user-provided types configured in another colltecion (see "cayenne.server.user_types").
cayenne.server.user_types List<ExtendedType> Stores a user-provided ExtendedTypes. This collection will be merged into a full list of ExtendedTypes and would override any ExtendedTypes defined in a default list, or by a DbAdapter.
cayenne.server.type_factories List<ExtendedTypeFactory> Stores default and user-provided ExtendedTypeFactories. ExtendedTypeFactory allows to define ExtendedTypes dynamically for the whole group of Java classes. E.g. Cayenne supplies a factory to map all Enums regardless of their type.
cayenne.server.rop_event_bridge_properties Map<String, String> Stores event bridge properties passed to the ROP client on bootstrap. This means that the map is configured by server DI, and passed to the client via the wire. The properties in this map are specific to EventBridgeFactory implementation (e.g JMS or XMPP connection prameters). One common property is "cayenne.server.rop_event_bridge_factory" that defines the type of the factory.