Cayenne 3.0.2 is Released

June 21, 2011

We just released a maintenance version of stable Cayenne 3.0 branch. It has 19 bug fixes and minor improvements, e.g. a performance improvement for MySQL (JDBC batching). If you are a 3.0.x user, this is certainly a recommended upgrade. A full list of closed jiras is below:

  • CAY-1500 MySQL JDBC Batching
  • CAY-1403 Method "readNestedProperty" Should Resolve Through Iterative Invocations onto DataObject and Not Complete Within Cayenne.readNestedProperty
  • CAY-1432 when using OSCache for query cache with prefetches and persitent cache.
  • CAY-1444 NPE when persisting a newly instatiated object
  • CAY-1456 Investigate auto-increment columns on DB2 and switch the adapter policy to support them
  • CAY-1484 Flattened attribute queries are incorrectly generated
  • CAY-1485 Memory information for about dialog
  • CAY-1488 OutOfMemory when selecting "Remove Foreign Keys Mapped as Object Attributes"
  • CAY-1489 NPE using DataContext.objectFromDataRow for a nested context
  • CAY-1490 Maven cgen: all and datamap modes can not be activated
  • CAY-1496 Problem in derby: comparison operators are not supported on Clob object values.
  • CAY-1503 POST_LOAD is not called on prefetched objects
  • CAY-1505 Callbacks: POST_UPDATE is called on updated removed object, instead of POST_REMOVE
  • CAY-1506 Reserverd words mapping in WHERE clause
  • CAY-1518 cgen: duplicate callback methods
  • CAY-1557 Vertical inheritance is broken for subclasses with more than one flattened attribute
  • CAY-1561 Modeler trivial bug NullPointerException on remove
  • CAY-1567 BaseQueryMetadata.setPrefetches() causes a shared lock
  • CAY-1578 unicode character types on MS SQL 2008 server aren't recognized.