Cayenne 3.1 - it's alive!

December 2, 2010

Cayenne 3 isn't resting on its laurels. It is still growing and developing, and today we are pleased to announce the first milestone of version 3.1. This is not a beta and 3.1 is not yet feature-complete, but it gives users an insight into the direction Cayenne is heading in and an opportunity to give us feedback.

The key features added to 3.1 so far are:

  • Built-in Dependency Injection container, statics-free and singleton-free runtime.
  • Simplified single-domain projects.
  • CayenneModeler preferences that don't get corrupted and don't vanish.
  • Property-based DataSource configuration (killing JNDI hack).

We encourage users to experiment with upgrading their projects to 3.1, but also warn of a few known issues that we are working to address, more specifically: CAY-1519, CAY-1515, CAY-1516.

Download Apache Cayenne 3.1M1 from here